Thursday, April 12, 2012

Save the date: Balsfjorddagen 21. April

One of our ReCO founders, PhD student Tino Schott, and the Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics, invite to an exciting day in Balsfjorden, Malangseidet, 60 km south of Tromsø.

Researchers from the University of Tromsø and Midt-Troms Museum (Storsteinnes) will give talks about biological research of the fjord Balsfjord and its historical and cultural meaning. Additionally, we will present a diversity of sea creatures to the visitors which are being caught right now at open sea. You are all very welcome to plan a trip to Malangen next weekend and join norwegian countryside-culture :-) It will be served halibut soup and fish burgers.

And is there anyone of you who might imagine grabbing a camera and filming the event? A short film about Balsfjorddagen would be great commercial for ReCO and fun to produce. If so, send a mail to or call him on +47 99 44 14 94.