A new communication culture fueled by the internet and audio-visual media challenges scientists to interact with their audiences in new and innovative ways. Scientific education, though, sets little focus on training communication skills and media literacy among students and scientific staff.

Our mission
ReCO aims to fill this gap. The interest group was founded by enthusiastic students and staff at the University of Tromsø (UiT) after a video workshop in research communication with Hollywood filmmaker and Prof. in Marine Biology Randy Olson in February 2011.

ReCO has initiated, supported and organized training in innovative research communication at UiT on all levels since. We work close together with the faculties and university administration to develop more courses as a part of the regular student and PhD education. 

ReCO supports students and staff to realize their communication projects by offering professional equipment for media productions to its members. We aim to build a permanent ReCO media lab at UiT with enough equipment to train groups of 15-20 students in the production of audio-visual media on a regular basis.

Sponsors and supporters
ReCO lives through the engagement of its members and external funding. Thanks to all who support our activities and help to realize our mission!

We especially thank Sparebank1 i Nord-Norge, the UiT Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics, the Communication Department at UiT, UNEP/Grid-Arendal and Elkjøp Tromsø for their support.