Thursday, March 22, 2012

Academic Writing Workshop for ph.d.-studenter at UiT

Kursstart: 10.05.2012 09.00
Kursstopp: 11.05.2012 15.30
Sted/lokale: Linken møtesenter, Forskningsparken. 10. og 11. mai 2012
Påmeldingsfrist: 13.04.2012

Academic Writing Workshop with focus on English usage - for ph.d.-studenter ved UiT
This is a two-day workshop in academic writing designed for ph.d.-students where the focus in on use of English, not the writing process. The workshop will be relevant for all disciplines at UiT and judging from past evaluations it will be useful for both international and Norwegian ph.d.-students. The workshop includes individual discussion of edited texts sumitted by parrticipants before the course. The workshop will be presented by senior adviser Stewart Clark, NTNU.
Workshop topics
Characteristics of academic writing;  Readability; Word order; Avoiding typical errors; Nominalization; Web resources; Stylistic issues and style guides; Varieties of English; Structure and format; Editing your work; Presenting in English; Individual discussion based on submitted texts
Course material
"Words: A User´s Guide", Stewart Clark and Graham Pointon; and a course compendium.